Fernando Alonso had only words of praise for Esteban Ocon

"I think he's good and now we see that."

by Sead Dedovic
Fernando Alonso had only words of praise for Esteban Ocon

Formula 1 champion from 2005 and 2006, Fernando Alonso, is cautious in his expectations after the great progress of Alpine in the last two races. The French team disappointed in the races in Bahrain and Imola, but they showed significantly better form in the races in the Iberian Peninsula, especially in Portugal where Esteban Ocon finished seventh and Alonso eighth.

Still, it’s evident that Alpine still doesn’t have enough speed during the race to truly parry Ferrari and McLaren, who are obvious favorites in the fight for third and fourth place in the constructors ’standings.

“I believe McLaren and Ferrari are a little faster,” Alonso said. "They have a more constant pace in these four races." "However, it is true that we have made a big step forward in Portugal. We weren't sure if that progress was real or just related to the configuration of the track, so it's great that we had a similar pace in Barcelona.

" “I believe Alpine is now in competition with Ferrari and McLaren, it’s a very positive trend and we’re very excited for the next races. We have to be careful and really confirm that because the progress from the first two to the second two races seems a little too good to be true.

” So far this season, Esteban Ocon has proven to be a more consistent driver at Alpine, which surprised many given that the Frenchman has a double champion with 97 podiums next to him.

Alonso on Ocon

On the other hand, Alonso is not so surprised because he believes in Ocon's quality.

It seems that there is cohesion in the team and that this is one of the reasons why Ocon is achieving good results, and Alonso could soon go the same way. Alonso has only words of praise for his colleague, and it’s not just Alonso who believes in him, but a complete team.

Ocon is really driving great this season, and it will be fantastic if he manages to maintain his form until the end of the season. "I think he's good and now we see that. He is in very good shape and fits in perfectly with the team.

He was on the podium in Bahrain last year and now provides perfect weekends. That's very good. " "His results are impressive." "I'm giving one hundred percent of myself and obviously that's not enough to be at his level at the moment, so I have to improve."

Fernando Alonso Esteban Ocon