Robson: "I think Russell is very close to Lewis and he has the potential"

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Robson: "I think Russell is very close to Lewis and he has the potential"

Daves Robson from the Williams team says that George Russell is currently in a phase similar to the beginnings of Lewis Hamilton's career in Formula 1, and that he has the potential to move his career in a direction similar to Hamilton's.

Robson was part of the McLaren team when Hamilton came in as a junior driver, at the time he won his first world title in 2008. Commenting on Lewis ’100th pole position, Robson said there was always something in him that indicated he would succeed in Formula 1.

He added that he sees similar traits in Russell. "I think there are definitely some similarities." “And they were obvious from the first meeting with George and when we took him to the simulator in Grove. Then we climbed up and drove him around the airport in a road car.

” "It simply came to our notice then. There was something there. ” "I think the talent is there. I think he is very close to Lewis and has the potential for those successes. Certainly. ” He also commented on his experience working with Lewis and said what he thought of his current successes.

Hamilton as a kid

Williams is not surprised by his success given that he knows how talented Hamilton is and how dominant he has been in recent years. It was something that could be noticed when Hamilton was a boy "Winning like this against some pretty impressive teammates on the road is impressive."

"Obviously I haven't worked with him in a few years, but I think it's something he's always had." "It simply came to our notice then. That special quality that you can't really define. ” It seems that this talent could be seen from the earliest days, and Lewis always had something that made him specific.

"It was obvious when he was a kid and [McLaren] took him for testing at Elvington [the runway, on a straight-line test drive] - moving up and down the track." "He was bored after 10 minutes. While most of the kids, when you took them to Elvington, were just impatient to be in a Formula 1 car - even though they were just driving up and down the track.

” "He was different compared to others. He just has that talent and that awesome attitude. Therefore, take my hat off to him. ” “It’s certainly a demanding driver to have on the other side of the garage. But yes, he is a phenomenal talent. ”