McLaren believes Hamilton-Verstappen collision is ‘a matter of time’

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McLaren believes Hamilton-Verstappen collision is ‘a matter of time’

McLaren CEO Zak Brown believes the crash of the two leading drivers in the championship, Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen, is only a matter of time after they have fought on the track in all four races this season. Hamilton and Verstappen won the first two places in all of this year’s races and had close fights on the track in each of them, and especially close to contact were in the first turns in Imola and Barcelona where Hamilton had to retreat to avoid a collision.

After Barcelona, ​​where Verstappen overtook him with late braking for the first corner after the start, Hamilton said he did not want to be too aggressive when he thought he did not have to be, and later, thanks to a different strategy, overtook Verstappen six laps before the end on much newer tires.

“The rivalries are great for the sport and it’s great to have the two of them in a fight,” Brown said ahead of the Monaco GP. "I hope that will give us a chance at some point because it's only a matter of time before they both decide not to give up in the first turn and after that, they both give up."

“I think their rivalry is great for F1 because Lewis has had a pretty easy job in recent years other than one year with Nice. But he is currently providing his best rides. ” “I think it’s clear that Lewis is a very smart driver.

You can see that he is waiting to attack and he is not too impatient. I think that experience plays a role here. ”

Taking a risk

Norris thinks Verstappen has to take a risk because Red Bull has a slightly slower car than Mercedes.

“Max goes for those occasions, like the first turn in Spain,” he said. "That was pretty risky." “If Lewis had turned, they would have collided. So Max was pretty determined in his move. But these are opportunities that Max has to use at this stage because they are a bit slower at the moment.

” "But it's also fun to watch because Lewis has to go back and try to overtake him." After four races this season Hamilton has 14 points more than Verstappen. Until the end, we will have a race between Verstappen and Hamilton, which will be really exciting. Both drivers are great, but for now Hamilton has a slight advantage