Toto Wolff is considering who could succeed Hamilton

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Toto Wolff is considering who could succeed Hamilton

Toto Wolff insists Max Verstappen is not the only driver who could replace Lewis Hamilton in the role of Mercedes ’first driver. Hamilton is currently working on his one-year contract and has already announced that he wants to discuss a new long-term contract with his team in the next few weeks.

At the same time, Wolff has previously confirmed that he wants to continue with Hamilton and there seems to be no problem with that. But once Hamilton retires, the question arises as to who can take his position. “You are always considering a few people who might be in a Mercedes in the future.

Max is definitely a fantastic star of the future, but he’s not the only one." "I see a few young drivers who are really good, but at the moment they are not in cars that can give them a chance to win. ” "We'll see how it goes."


Mercedes also has an active one-year contract with the second driver, and although some British media have suggested that they could replace him before the end of the season, Wolff sees no reason to fire Valtteri Bottas: “Valtteri remains our driver.

I will always be loyal to both of our drivers. Still, we have an obligation to think about a plan for the future. In this regard - we must consider all options for both cars. " “We have two Mercedes juniors in Esteban and George.

We also follow other young drivers who show off as talents. Anyway, today I only look at two drivers, and those are Valtteri and Lewis. ” Wolff reaffirmed that Lewis is an integral part of Mercedes' success: “Lewis has always been with Mercedes, he is an integral part of the team today.

It contributes to the performance of the team and he is the most visible of all the people who work in the team." "He is a fundamental part of our success. He’s racing, he’s on the front line, along with Valtteri.

That is why he is so essential for us today. ” And indeed, it is exactly so. Hamilton is the driver who is currently the best in Formula 1 and they are aware in Mercedes how difficult it would be to function without him.

However, they are aware that they will have to find a replacement after Hamilton decides to end his career. Many names are mentioned, but as Wolff has confirmed, it is not currently a priority for them to consider a Hamilton successor.