Grosjean on Hamilton: "He does not make mistakes, very rarely"

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Grosjean on Hamilton: "He does not make mistakes, very rarely"

Romain Grosjean has been impressed with Lewis Hamilton’s level of performance over the past few years. The Frenchman says the seven-time world champion made very few mistakes, even in situations where he is being chased by Max Verstappen.

Grosjean also has words of praise for Verstappen. “This is great, really great to watch. I followed the race in Bahrain and I was very impressed with how Lewis drove. ” "It's very nice to watch that title fight."

"Hamilton has had a few easy victories in recent years, but this one in Bahrain showed why he is a world champion, why he was so strong in the lower racing categories and why he could compete with Fernando Alonso immediately upon arriving in Formula 1."

Verstappen has become a driver that most other drivers are afraid of, and who has really made great progress. As for Verstappen, he says you'll never see him struggle: “Max is always on top. He races from the moment the lights go out to the finish line.

In fact, he chases from free practice to the end of the race." "He is always pushing and always looking for ways to be fast. Even if his teammate struggles a bit - you’ll never see Max bother. He will always find ways to set a good time.

Hamilton is infallible

Most think that Hamilton is the champion precisely because of the car he drives and which most people think is too dominant, unlike other cars. While it is true that the Mercedes car is the best, we cannot forget Hamilton’s skill and knowledge, which he proved throughout his career.

This is the opinion of Grosjean, who says that Hamilton is a driver who is almost infallible "He does not make mistakes, very rarely. He made a mistake in Imola but recovered well. In general, if we watch races in difficult conditions like Turkey last year - that's a good example of how great he is in rainy conditions."

"Valtteri had the nightmare qualifiers, but Lewis kept the car on the track, won his seventh title and made no mistake. ” Grosjean has had the opportunity to fight Hamilton directly on the track a couple of times in his career and says that the Briton did not play dirty games: "Each of our duels was a pleasure.

With some guys on the grid you just know it’s going to be good. Kimi Raikkonen, Sebastian Vettel, Lewis, Daniel Ricciardo… You know you can fight them. ”