Schumacher revealed his goals, which he hopes to achieve

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Schumacher revealed his goals, which he hopes to achieve

Mick Schumacher, the driver of Haas believes that entering Q2 in qualifying is a completely realistic goal, despite the fact that his car was at the very back in the first four races. The current Formula 2 champion has so far failed to achieve better than 16th place.

Since Haas has decided not to bring in new parts or upgrade the car for this season, Schumacher’s results shouldn’t be too different from previous ones. But despite having his 18th-best qualifying result so far, Schumacher is still confident that at some point this season he can break into Q2 and place among the top 15 drivers.

"It is a completely realistic goal. I would obviously be unhappy if that didn’t happen this season. We still insist on that, ”said Schumacher in Barcelona. “Given that this track may not be one of our strongest, I think we obviously still managed to make a very good result.

We were pretty close to Kimi. So I think we can be very happy and hope for Q2 in some of the next 18 races. ” Alfa Romeo and Williams, are his most obvious targets this season. When asked how much time he had left in Barcelona in Q1, Schumacher replied that he could have been up to two tenths faster.


This was roughly equal to Schumacher’s lag behind Raikkonen, giving him the confidence to move a few positions with a clean qualifying round. “I think in the fastest lap I could probably have been about two tenths faster, so that would be equal to what Kimi did.

So we can be pretty happy." "It’s just about connecting those laps and improving smaller sectors. I think we are generally on the right track and then we will definitely be able to be happy for Saturday's performance, "he explained.

Schumacher has revealed what his goal is this season, and he is sure to do his best to reach it. It will not be easy for him since this is his debut season in which it is difficult to excel, especially if we take into account the car he is currently driving, and which is certainly slower than others.

Schumacher has additional pressure, and that is that he has to justify the surname Schumacher given that we know who his father was and how big a name he was in Formula 1. Still, we hope that Schumacher achieves what he set out to do