Sainz is ‘not very happy’ with seventh place in Barcelona

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Sainz is ‘not very happy’ with seventh place in Barcelona

Carlos Sainz says he is not very happy with seventh place in his home race in Spain where his teammate Charles Leclerc finished in fourth place and blames the start of the race as the main reason for the poorer result. Sainz qualified for the third time this season in four races behind teammate Leclerc and started sixth, tenths of a second, and two places behind Leclerc, and in the first lap, he lost two positions to Ricciardo at McLaren and Perez at Red Bull.

By the end of the race, he had managed to overtake Ocon at Alpine who was on a one-boxing strategy but failed to overtake Ricciardo even though he was faster than him in the final stage of the race. Despite not being very happy with seventh place, Sainz won points in his home race for the seventh year in a row, and Ferrari is the fourth team to do so after Toro Rosso (2015, 2016, and 2017), Renault (2018).

) and McLaren (2019 and 2020). "I'm not very happy with seventh place, to be honest," said Sainz, who did not win points in Portugal this year, where he finished 11th. “I had a bad start and after the first turn, I was surrounded and lost several positions.

We had good speed after that. ”


“The car was well balanced and used the tires well. We still lacked some speed on the routes, which made us struggle when overtaking. ” "We have to work on it and we have to work on improving some details because with a better start we could have been fifth."

“The strategy was good and the guys did a quick tire change. It was a good team job and we are leaving Spain with good points for the championship. We have to keep analyzing where we weren't perfect and keep pushing!

” Binotto says it’s clear that Ferrari has made significant progress compared to 2020, but that they still have a lot of work to do before they get back to where they should be. “Carlos lost positions at the start and it cost him a better result,” Binotto said.

"But he didn't lose his temper and fought and came back, making up for a few positions." “We return home convinced that we have made a significant step forward compared to where we were in 2020."

"We still have a lot of work to do before we get Scuderia back where it should be and I am delighted to see that the whole team, both on the track and in Maranello, is determined to improve. ”