Sebastian Vettel in the worst series of his career

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Sebastian Vettel in the worst series of his career

Sebastian Vettel has broken his Formula 1 record and is currently in the biggest series of not winning the points and believes their Aston Martin AMR21 is currently lacking some speed to be able to fight for points. The Aston Martin AMR21 has dropped dramatically in competitiveness over its predecessor the Racing Point RP20 which was on average the third-fastest car in 2020, and this year Stroll and Vettel are battling for positions around the points winner.

Stroll opened the season in 10th place in Bahrain and eighth in Imola, but those were the only points Aston Martin won this season and after four races they are in seventh place in the constructors' standings ahead of Alfa, Williams, and Haas who are still without points.

Vettel is in an even worse situation as he is losing in qualifying to Stroll 3-1 and has not yet won points this season, and since he has not won points in the last three races last year, after the podium in Turkey, the German is in the worst a string in his career.

Six pointless races

So far, his worst run was six pointless races, from the 2007 Grand Prix of Brazil to the 2008 Grand Prix of Turkey. “I felt better [after the latest improvements on the car], but I lack some speed to fight for points,” admits Vettel.

“I think we could have done something different in the last race [Spain], but I have to look. But in general, this is probably a fair reflection of where we stand at the moment. ” “A few tenths and a few starting positions can make a difference.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have an empty space in this race. We lost some time on the first tire change, and then I got stuck behind the Alpha and fried the tires. It was more or less our race. ” “I was surprised by Alpine, they were not so fast in the race.

I expected them to be faster because they were so much faster in qualifying. ” "It simply came to our notice then. AlphaTauri was much faster in the race than in the qualifiers. Every weekend is a bit different, and maybe one weekend you will feel comfortable, maybe the car will fit the track better and you will find that extra tithe or two.

” For now, it looks like this season will be one of the worst for Vettel, but still nothing is over, and if his team really works on some shortcomings, Vettel could get out of this difficult situation.