Hamilton: "I learned more about Max today than in all the previous races"

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Hamilton: "I learned more about Max today than in all the previous races"

Of the four matches this season, Hamilton won three. In addition to the satisfaction of winning, after the Spanish Grand Prix, he was also pleased with what he learned about his rival… The Spanish Grand Prix started badly for the seven-time champion.

Max Verstappen managed to get the first act of that battle and pass Lewis Hamilton in the first turn, but the Briton later worked on a more favorable strategy in co-production with his Mercedes and still came to the third victory of the season.

“The first turn after the start was not ideal and we have to review it, see how to do better in the future. However, as soon as I lost my position in the first turn, I switched to a different mode. It was actually a really good day.

" "Every night we discussed the strategy until late. We had all the options covered in that regard. Of course, the condition was that I do what was required of me. It was not easy to come back from 20-odd seconds, but I think that the decision was the right one in the end ", commented the winner of the Spanish Grand Prix.

Hamilton on Verstappen

He made another interesting comment about his main rival in the fight for the title. Both are experiencing the best start to the season in their careers - the Briton has three wins and second place, and the Dutchman three second places and a win.

“I’m continuing to love this battle we are having,” said Hamilton. “I didn’t know whether we would be able to follow them as closely as we did in the end. “I learned a lot about Max today, perhaps more than all the other races put together.

This has been a good one in that sense and great, great teamwork from all of us." The duel between Hamilton and Verstappen is great for now, and the fact that we have 19 more races until the end of the season can make every Formula 1 fan happy.

The next race and the first opportunity for Verstappen in return is the Monaco Grand Prix from 20 to 23 May. Verstappen is also aware of how much responsibility he currently has and how difficult the task will be to remove Hamilton from the throne.

Everyone is eagerly awaiting a new name as the winner, and it is Verstappen who is the only realistic option for such a thing. The season is long, and it remains for us to see if Verstappen will be able to fight for that 1st place