McLaren wants to speed up in qualifying to beat Ferrari

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McLaren wants to speed up in qualifying to beat Ferrari

The head of McLaren’s F1 team says his team has a clear goal this season: to improve the qualifying speed of their MCL35M car to be in a better position in the fight with Ferrari which is their main rival in the fight for third place.

After finishing fourth in the constructors ’standings in 2019 and third in 2020, McLaren has held third place ahead of Ferrari since the start of this season, but the Italian team is significantly stronger than last year and in Spain, they were faster and reduced the gap to five points.

McLaren is currently the only team whose drivers finished in the top ten in both races, while at Ferrari only Sainz was the one who didn't win points at one race, at the GP of Portugal. McLaren had its best qualifying performance in Imola, where Norris drove a lap good enough for third place before the FIA ​​annulled it for not respecting the boundaries of the track, and in Spain, both Ferraris qualified ahead of both McLaren.

Seidl on the race

On the eve of the next race of the championship in Monaco, McLaren wants to improve their qualifying form, which is the key to success on a track where overtaking is extremely difficult. “If you look at last weekend, I think we have to accept that Ferrari was strong in the race, but all season I think it’s clear we have to be better on Saturday,” Seidl said.

"Because in the end, it makes it much easier for you on Sunday if you drive your laps in the fresh air, without pressure from behind, which we experienced this year because we would have a good start or a good first lap."

"And that puts us back in the position we want to be on Saturday after qualifying." "It is clear that this is our goal. We want to be better on Saturday and end up where the potential of the car is. ” "If you start seventh and ninth in Barcelona and finish sixth and eighth, and the cars around you are not having any problems, then you have to be happy."

“It’s important that we still won 12 points on a weekend where Ferrari was pretty strong. And we lost only six points in the constructors' standings. " Throughout the season we will watch an interesting race between Ferrari and McLaren who want to be ahead, but the task will not be easy. Both teams are quality, and it is certain that the nuances will decide the 3rd place