Lewis Hamilton: "We begin renewal negotiations with Mercedes"

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Lewis Hamilton: "We begin renewal negotiations with Mercedes"

After the triumph in Barcelona GP, Lewis Hamilton, British driver of Mercedes, talked about the renewal negotiations with the German team. He said: "We don't want to be in the position we were in in January and February anymore, it ruined my whole winter and I'm sure it didn't help Toto, in terms of being able to disconnect and relax, it was like not having a real pause.

We have to be reasonable, we don't want to rush anything but I think we have to start discussions. They are very complex, it is never an easy procedure and I hope we can start talking about it soon, as long as it does not interfere with the real work.

We still have 19 races to go but it would be great to find something in place before that break. in this way we could experience the detachment phase and with a clear picture of the future." In an Interview with the British newspaper Guardian, Toto Wolff spoke of the determination to discuss a multi-season agreement, as were the previous three-year renewals: "It should be more than a year, we don't want to find ourselves in a stressful situation every year, when we are totally committed to trying.

to win the races, with the need to negotiate the contract. We just need to spend a day or two together, touch on this issue and decide what the difficult aspects are. Then we will have to close the door and not go out until we have solved it.

It is the best way, which works and has worked for us in the past."

Lewis Hamilton has several incredible cars in his garage

His salary for the 2021 season is around 40 million dollars, to which all the bonuses related to any winning of the world championship will be added.

One of Hamilton's best car is the red Ferrari La Ferrari. Powered by a 6.3-liter V12 with 800hp, this supercar also has an electric powertrain that allows the car to reach 963hp of power and over 900nm of torque. The champion must have liked this model a lot, so much so that he owns another in a convertible version, the Ferrari Aperta, in white.

The Mercedes cannot be missing, in fact Lewis owns a red Mercedes SLS AMG black edition and a brand new 585 hp Mercedes AMG GTR in white. From the Stuttgart car manufacturer we also find a Mercedes S-class Maybach, the car most used by the Brackley-based team driver.

In the garage we also find a blue McLaren P1. This model is one of 375 units produced by McLaren. Equipped with a 916hp twin-turbo hybrid V8 with 900nm of torque, the price of this supercar is around one million euros. The Pagani Zonda 760 LH, a model derived from the 760 RS but built specifically for Hamilton.

Other pieces from Lewis Hamilton's collection are the Shelby Cobra 472, a Mercedes G-class and a brand new Mercedes GLE. Given the attention that the driver places towards the fight against climate change, he also has the new electric Mercedes models, such as the just presented EQS and EQC.