Verstappen did everything to win, but Mercedes was faster

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Verstappen did everything to win, but Mercedes was faster

Max Verstappen is not too disappointed with the loss of victory at the Spanish Grand Prix because he believes that Red Bull simply did not have Mercedes' speed in the race, and the difference in speed on newer tires allowed Lewis Hamilton to easily overtake at the end of the race.

Verstappen qualified 0.036 seconds behind Hamilton and Mercedes and Red Bull seemed to equalize in terms of speed in Barcelona, ​​but in the race, Hamilton easily followed Verstappen who took the lead in the first corner and after a change of strategy made up for more than 20 seconds on the new tires.

At the end of the race, Hamilton easily overtook Verstappen on newer tires and achieved his third victory this season, the fifth in a row in Spain and the 98th victory in Formula 1, while in the driver's standings he leads with 14 points ahead of Verstappen.

“I tried everything I could and took the lead in the first corner, but after that we lacked some speed compared to Mercedes,” said Verstappen, who in 2016 in Barcelona became the youngest winner in F1 history after the Hamilton-Rosberg clash.

Mercedes was faster

“Of course we wanted to win, but I can’t feel too disappointed because I did everything I could and took every opportunity. Even if we did two boxings and got new tires before them, we wouldn't make up for the time because they were faster than us.

” "I know how fast they can go and where the limit of the car is, and when they can do one tire change more then it's easy for them to go for another strategy." "As soon as he got into boxing a second time, I knew he would catch up with me on new tires, a bit like in Hungary in 2019, and even though I did everything I could I was an easy chase."

“The difference in tire speed made overtaking easy for Lewis, and after that, I at least kept second place and took the fastest lap. It was a day when we lacked some speed and second place is the best possible result.

” "Now we have to see why they skipped us a bit when it comes to speed in the race." Indeed, Verstappen will have a difficult task this season if he wants to win the title. The Mercedes car looks too dominant and it is almost impossible to match such a car and such a driver. Still, we hope for a more exciting continuation of the season, and the race between Verstappen and Hamilton