Lewis Hamilton managed to earn 100th pole position

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Lewis Hamilton managed to earn 100th pole position

Lewis Hamilton is thrilled after winning the 100th pole position in Formula 1 and second this season and beating Max Verstappen in just 0.036 seconds, and he says he will remember this day forever and it feels like this is one of his first poles position.

Hamilton was not the fastest in either the first or second part of the qualifiers, but in the crucial third part, the Briton was the fastest after the first attempts and remained first even after the second attempts in which the leading trio did not improve their times.

This is Hamilton's second pole position this season in four races, and he won both pole positions with less than a half-tenth advantage over one of the Red Bull drivers - Perez in Imola and Verstappen in Barcelona. “I was behind the whole qualification and made small changes to find speed,” Hamilton said.

"I just can't believe we're at 100, it's up to the women and men in the factory who are constantly raising the bar and never giving up." “The dream is to work with them, what a journey it was!

Who would have thought that when we started our journey together at the end of 2012, we would celebrate 100 pole positions? ” "I feel so humbled and very grateful for all the work they've done." “It feels like this is one of my first pole positions!

I will remember this day forever. ”

Wolff on his driver

The boss and one-third co-owner of the Mercedes F1 team, Toto Wolff, praised his driver and is happy that the differences between the drivers are so small, with 0.132 seconds between the first three drivers.

“I’m not a statistician on duty, but 100 pole positions is a pretty impressive achievement,” Wolff said. “I told Lewis on the radio that it was a pretty good lap, but of course it was a little more than that.

Max and Red Bull seemed to have a big advantage in Q2, but we continued to close the gap and in the end, the first three drivers were within the tenth, as we want to be in F1. ” In the 100th pole position, Hamilton moved away from the second most successful driver in this category, Michael Schumacher, by 32 pole positions, and out of 100 pole positions, he won 26 at McLaren (2007-2012) and 74 at Mercedes (2013-2021).

In McLaren, he had a 23.64% success rate in winning pole positions (26/110) and in Mercedes 46.25% (74/160) which gives an average success rate of 37.04% (100/270). Hamilton won at least one pole position and one victory in each of the 15 seasons in which he played (2007-2021), and in 2009 alone he did not drive any of the fastest laps.