Is this Sebastian Vettel's worst season?

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Is this Sebastian Vettel's worst season?

It seems like Sebastian Vettel is not happy with his team's tactics. He thinks the tactics didn't make sense “I don't agree with the statement. I think we're trying to do everything we can." - as quoted by Formula1 “Obviously it's never relaxed if things don't go your way or they go wrong, so naturally I think if you judge just the emotions right after the race or during the race, then I don't think that's a fair reflection of what actually is going on, hence why I would tend to disagree.

“I didn't have a great race, we tried to come back up and we could have opted for maybe a different strategy but we didn't. We've talked about it, sorted it out and moved on, so there's not much difference in terms of climate compared to the week before, or even before that”.

When asked if 2020 is the worst season of his career he said “No… I don't like labeling seasons… but certainly, the last race wasn't my best, that I can say, and I think whatever the situation is, I trust the people around me and the guys working on my car."

“I’ve been in a happier place,” he added. “I love, obviously, fighting at the front. I love winning and feeling that you can achieve great results and that we haven't done yet. "It will be difficult this year with the package that we have, but I think Charles has proven that still you can do good races, and obviously if you make sure you are in the right position, you are able to also be in a position to benefit from it, and then you can still get a podium."

Sebastian Vettel is optimistic

Still, he doesn’t seem frustrated with his results and believes he will get back in better shape “I think this is how it always has worked, and many times I've found myself on the better side, now lately not so much, but then again it's been two weeks, and prior to that, I think it's been quite straightforward.

But overall if you sum it up, it's not the best season start that I ever had, but I wouldn't go as far as frustration”. The Ferrari team will change the chassis which seems to have been broken. Would it be helpful? “Only time can tell [if it’s better],” he said, “but the thinking behind it is that we changed it because the other one was broken.

We found a little crack after the weekend in Silverstone and it's back to get repaired and probably becomes the spare chassis at some point, but now the spare becomes my race chassis. "We will see. I don't expect miracles, but hopefully I'll have a smoother weekend and a smoother race on Sunday”.