Red Bull has signed five more Mercedes F1 engine experts

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Red Bull has signed five more Mercedes F1 engine experts

Red Bull has announced that they have signed five more F1 engine experts from Mercedes ’F1 team, which is their main rival in the title race this year after they recently announced they have signed their chief mechanical engineer.

After Red Bull announced that they have signed Ben Hodgkinson of Mercedes as the new technical director of Red Bull Powertrains, a team from Milton Keynes, working to organize the structure of the engine development department, has announced five more key reinforcements.

Red Bull will continue to use Honda engines next year under the name of the newly formed Red Bull Powertrains thanks to the decision to freeze engine development, but over the next few years, they want to have their own structure and experts who will be able to develop a new generation of 2025 powertrain.

Mercedes' head of production Steve Blewett will become director of Red Bull’s powertrain production, and Omid Mostaghimi, Mercedes ’head of electronics, will become Red Bull’s head of powertrains, electronics, and energy recovery systems (ERS).

Pip Clode, Mercedes leader of the drive unit concept development, will become Red Bull’s head of ERS mechanical design. Anton Mayo, Mercedes ’engineering team leader, will become head of internal combustion engine development, and Steve Brodie, Mercedes’s track operations and final inspection manager, will become the leader of the Red Bull Group for internal combustion engine operations.

Horner on the new experts

The team has announced that they will soon hire a new head of mechanical development, whose name will be announced in the coming weeks, and as they started, he could easily come from the ranks of Mercedes.

"Red Bull's mission to bring all aspects of F1 operations under one roof with Red Bull Powertrains is an extremely exciting but demanding project and we know we will only succeed if we bring in the best talent, give them the right tools and create the right environment to shine."

”Said Red Bull F1 team boss Christian Horner. "Today's announcements of hiring people in leadership positions show our strong commitment to these goals and we will certainly benefit from our campus located in the United Kingdom where we have access to a huge amount of engineering talent."

"Together with our new technical director Ben Hodgkinson and key employees retained from the Honda Racing division, each of the new senior management employees will bring a lot of experience, expertise and innovation to the Red Bull Powertrains program and give us the strongest possible technical platform for the future."