McLaren has great confidence in Ricciardo

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McLaren has great confidence in Ricciardo

The Australian driver is far from the desired form and results, but the head of the McLaren team thinks that Daniel's best rides are only a matter of time. Andreas Seidl commented on the current situation with the difficulties that Daniel Ricciardo is experiencing in adapting to McLaren's car and claims that he is still not worried about the Australian.

After arriving from Renault, Ricciardo struggles a lot in the MCL35M car in the introductory part of the season and fails to match his teammate Land Norris. While the Briton finished all of this season's races in the Top 5 and has already collected 37 points, Daniel has only 16 on his account.

Seidl explains that his lack of adaptation to the car does not allow him to drive continuously at the boundary: “This is something we made progress on last weekend, despite the disappointment in the qualifications.

We just have to keep working together to fix the situation. ” “As always, it’s not just up to the driver. We are also studying the team side in detail and looking to see how we can help him with some improvements to the car.

Maybe by changing the settings, all to improve performance. ”

Portuguese GP

The aforementioned qualifiers for the Portuguese GP were indeed the biggest disappointment so far as the Australian was knocked out already in Q1.

He returned a bit of color to the image of his performance with a better run on Sunday and reaching the ninth place and at least two points. Seidl explains that Ricciardo is currently more disappointed with such performances than the rest of the team.

"Of course, he is most disappointed because he knows he has something. He’s disappointed because he can’t get the best out of our car so far, but at the same time, he’s very experienced." "And we are very experienced on the part of the team.

That is why it is important to keep calm, to work through this process of integration and adaptation as a team and I think he feels very comfortable and happy in the team. ” "He is very happy that we are tackling this challenge together.

I am 100 percent sure that progress is only a matter of time, and then we will see from Daniel the performances we are all used to ", said Seidl. The team seems to have confidence in him which is certainly important for Ricciardo and his further progress