Verstappen believes Barcelona could be a good track for Red Bull

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Verstappen believes Barcelona could be a good track for Red Bull

Max Verstappen believes that the track in Barcelona could be good for Red Bull in the fight with Mercedes, but he is sure that, as in the first three races, he will again be very close between the two strongest teams in Formula 1.

Verstappen won one pole position in the first three races of the season: in the first race of the season in Bahrain, and in the races he finished second twice and once first, which keeps him in second place in the drivers' standings, eight points behind leading Hamilton.

Mercedes and Red Bull were very close both in qualifying and in the speed race, and no one dares to predict how the power ratio between the two fastest cars in today’s Formula 1 will develop in the remaining races.

This year’s pre-season tests have not been driven in Barcelona, ​​for the first time since 2014, and we don't know anything about the balance of power between the teams on this track, and the Dutchman believes the track could be good for Red Bull this year.

“I think this could be a good track for us,” Verstappen said. "But I expect Mercedes to be very fast too so it will be very close again and it will depend on who finds the best car settings."


"We know that Barcelona is a normal track in terms of grip levels, unlike Portugal, so we will be able to see the real speed of the car again."

"Barcelona is a really good track and we all know it very well. I was there at the beginning of the year in a GT car with my father and I enjoyed the track so it would be good to get back on it. ” “We are in the middle of a development battle with Mercedes and we need to make sure we maintain this level until the end of the year and continue to improve every weekend."

"Even if you win here, there are still a lot of things you can learn from the race weekend because nothing is ever perfect and we have to follow every aspect to stay in the fight. ” Verstappen is celebrating his 100th appearance for the Red Bull first team in this race after scoring his first Formula One victory in Barcelona in 2016 in the first race for Red Bull after a surprising move from Toro Rosso ahead of the fourth race of the season.

“A hundred races for Red Bull went by so fast, to be honest, I didn’t know there were so many! I must be old, ” Verstappen joked “I enjoy being a part of this team, the atmosphere is great and there is a lot of motivation and energy from all the members.

We have a really good working relationship, but even off the track we get along very well and have fun, so it's very nice to be part of the team. "