Sergio Perez blamed himself for a mistake in Portugal

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Sergio Perez blamed himself for a mistake in Portugal

Sergio Perez admits that he made a mistake by not defending himself from the attack of McLaren driver Lando Norris, who overtook him at the restart of the Portuguese GP, and that he lost a lot of time because of that, so the fourth place was the best possible result.

Perez achieved the best result in Red Bull in Portimao after the best qualifications in Imola in which he finished second, but in the race, he ended up outside the circle of points winners due to several mistakes. The Mexican qualified for fourth place behind his teammate Verstappen in Portugal and lost his place to Sainz at the start of the race, and at the restart, he overtook Sainz and lost his place to Norris in the braking for the fifth turn.

Norris came out wide in the fourth corner ahead of the attack on Perez, in which Verstappen lost the pole position lap on Saturday due to the same mistake, and Perez says he did not defend because he thought Norris would return his position for going off the track.

“It was a good race,” Perez said. “Lando passed me in the fourth turn, but I thought he had all four wheels off the track so I didn’t defend myself, thinking he would return my position because of the track boundaries.

But that was not the case. "


"It was a misjudgment on my part and my mistake, but being stuck behind Lando compromised my race and cost me a lot of time." "When I overtook him, my speed was good, but I think the damage has already been done."

"After that, we tried something different with the strategy and extended the first section in the hope that a safety car would come out, but it didn't work out, so the fourth place was the most we could achieve.

" “We are definitely progressing with the car and the speed in the race, I understand it better with each new kilometer." "Of course, there are still areas where I have to be better, but it is a process and I will continue to work hard ahead of the next race in Barcelona.

” "It was very close with Mercedes again all weekend and I think it will be like that all season." "Some weekends they'll be faster, and some we'll so we have to make sure we keep working hard."