Ferrari drivers dissatisfied with the race in Portugal

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Ferrari drivers dissatisfied with the race in Portugal

Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz are not happy with their and Ferrari's performances in Portugal and the small number of points they won for the constructors' championship, and Sainz was especially disappointed because he was left without points in the last round.

Sainz and Leclerc qualified in fifth and eighth place and spent most of the race in the points-winning round, but at the end of the race, only Leclerc finished among the points-winners in sixth place, two places above their starting position.

Leclerc started the race on medium tires, but unlike other drivers who started on that component, he did not do the long first section on those tires but he entered boxing in the 25th lap. Sainz was called to the soft even earlier and is the first driver to change tires in lap 21, and despite entering boxing very early Ferrari did not put hard tires but they put them on Leclerc who entered boxing four laps later.

Ferrari says they tried to overtake Norris by calling Sainz early and that the Spaniard probably used the tire to the maximum by driving aggressively in the first laps on medium tires which later cost him dearly in the final.

Leclerc on the race

“I can’t be happy with sixth place and overall I wasn’t in the best edition this weekend,” Leclerc said. “Looking at my race run I am happy with the work I have done. I had a good start, but Carlos and I struggled with peeling on medium tires, which didn't bother others that much.

” "As a team, we have to understand what happened. We could have finished fifth today, but I don't think we could have done much more. " “We didn’t have a good day,” said Sainz, who ran out of points for the first time this season.

“Although I had a good start, the race was difficult after the change of tires. During the first section on the soft tires behind Lando, the feeling was good. Then we tried to overtake him by entering boxing earlier and changing to medium tires, but it didn't work.

" "After that, I struggled to the finish line because of the peeling. I am disappointed because I feel we had a good chance to score points. We will analyze the race, learn from the strategy, tires, and behavior of the car.

" They are aware at Ferrari that they could have done better, and it will be necessary for them to understand their mistakes and show how much they can actually do.