Verstappen: "This track really doesn’t suit our car"

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Verstappen: "This track really doesn’t suit our car"

Max Verstappen says that something on the Algarve track does not suit Red Bull's RB16B car, but he is satisfied with the second place that is important in the fight for the title and believes that the track in Barcelona will suit them better.

Verstappen qualified for third place behind two Mercedes although his first fast lap in Q3, which was annulled for disrespecting the track limit in the fourth turn, would have been enough for his pole position. The Dutchman kept the third place at the start and overtook Hamilton at the restart after pulling the safety car, but failed to keep it and lost second place in the 11th lap.

But Verstappen later managed to overtake Bottas when the Finn came out of the pits on unheated hard tires and scored an important 18 points in the title fight even though he didn’t score a point for the fastest lap because his last lap was annulled for driving off-track in the 14th turn.

“Something on this track really doesn’t suit our car and I think it was a slightly worse weekend for us in terms of traction and speed in general,” Verstappen said.

Track boundaries

"We knew we weren't particularly good here last year either, but this year was a bit better and we managed to finish ahead of one Mercedes even though we weren't good enough to overtake them both."

“But second place is still a pretty good result and we knew this season would be full of ups and downs in terms of tracks that suit us and that suit Mercedes. The race was good and we kept pushing. ” “I tried to press Valtteri at first, but Lewis behind me had more speed and overtook us both.

Then I managed to overtake Valtteri, but it was obvious that we were a bit slower on hard tires." "At the end of the race Valtteri caught up with me and that shows their speed. Too bad I lost the fastest lap due to stupid track boundaries, they should get the gravel back!

” "We won good points and I'm looking forward to Barcelona, ​​a track that has more normal levels of grip and where I have good memories. I think we will see a clearer picture of how each team is progressing.

The season is long and a lot can happen. ” Verstappen will have a difficult task given the speed of Mercedes cars, but still nothing is over and the season has just begun