Russell: "Crash with Bottas did not worsen relations with Mercedes"

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Russell: "Crash with Bottas did not worsen relations with Mercedes"

Although almost two weeks have passed since the weekend in Imola and the incident between Russell and Bottas, coming to Portimao, this topic is still very relevant. Despite this, Russell said that the collision did not disrupt relations with Mercedes.

On the contrary, he claims that the relationship has become even better. The incident between Bottas and Russell happened in the 32nd round of the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix in the fight for ninth place. The collision before entering the bend complex, better known as Tamburello, resulted in the withdrawal of both drivers and a temporary halt to the race.

Although Russell shifted all the blame to Bottas shortly after the incident, he publicly apologized on his official profile Monday for the actions that took place after the collision. “Incidents are an integral part of racing and those things happen.

I don’t think I acted as the real me like I was going against my instincts." "Emotions came to light that was the result of a bad assessment at a given moment and the consequences of which I had to deal with later in the day.

That’s why I felt the need to apologize and plead on Monday morning. ” "Experiencing a collision at such a high speed aroused emotions in me that I had not shown before. I learned my lesson; it took me a while to ‘cool down, look at the situation from different angles, and think about it rationally.

That's why I wanted to make my statement. "

Rusell and Totto Wolf

Russell also mentioned a conversation with Mercedes boss Totto Wolff but declined to comment on the content of the conversation. "Of course, we talked after the incident, but the content of the conversation will remain private.

I can say that Totto supported me and was very constructive about the events." "Our relationship has not deteriorated at all. In fact, I can say that he has become even better. I got the same support from everyone in Williams, they expect me to drive attacking and take advantage of opportunities and we are proud that we fought."

"Being in tenth place and fighting for better positions… we must be proud of our progress. ” Although he refuted the idea that he must abide by the rules of conduct that will be imposed on him every time he finds himself in a potential duel with Lewis or Valtteri, Russell added that he sees the two Mercedes drivers as teammates.

“As a driver, I think the main rule is not to collide with a teammate. I wouldn’t be where I am if it weren’t for Mercedes's support. They have been guarding my back at the very beginning." "Because of this, Lewis and Valtteri come to me as teammates.

Regardless of the circumstances, we should stay away from potential incidents once we face the track, whether it’s my fault, their fault, or a racing incident, ”said Russell, who last season had a chance to prove himself in a Mercedes car at VN Shakira in Bahrain.

George Russell is certainly one of the greatest potentials in Formula 1, and his mentality and will to succeed are unquestionable. If we take into account the gradual development of Williams' car, winning the first points is no longer just a mere idea, but a realistic and achievable goal. The GP of Portugal is a chance for Williams to score points, but also for Russell to prove himself on the track.