Lewis Hamilton: "I will continue here again next year"

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Lewis Hamilton: "I will continue here again next year"

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen will also compete in the Portuguese Grand Prix, which will take place on the Portimão circuit. In the press conference, the British driver talked about several topics, also about his future of him.

He said: "Red Bull still has an advantage, but we did well in the first two races. I don't know much yet. In general I have always said that in some races we should have a different format, that's what I think. Especially in Circuits like Monte-Carlo.

It's great and special to drive there, but it doesn't turn out to be a good race. So I think it's good that they are experimenting. We hope to learn something from this format. I usually never volunteer, but I did it now, we were on a great circuit, with good weather.

I intend to race here again next year, so I would like to help Pirelli make a better product. We all want tires with more performance, it was important for me to understand What was the starting point with these tires and what can we do to make them better.

It was a good test. If I just said to stay in F1 in the next year? I am quite spontaneous, everything can always change again. This battle, however, is becoming more and more exciting and challenging. I still really enjoy working with the team and admire the steps that Mercedes is taking to become more and more diverse.

As a sport we have a lot of work to do."

Lewis Hamilton may become the first F1 driver to reach 100 pole positions

British driver Lewis Hamilton may become the first F1 driver to reach 100 pole positions ever. Hamilton can also make history thanks to the most repeated podium ever in F1 if with him in Portimao among the top three there were also Max Verstappen, the most accredited rival for the title fight and the other Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas.

Last year, in the only edition held in Portimao, Lewis Hamilton managed to conquer an exciting hat trick, ie pole position, final success and fastest lap The three have already shared the podium 14 times, including Portimao 2020, and at 15 is the absolute record for the most coveted podium in the history of Formula 1.
Two weeks after hosting the first Italian stage of the 2021 MotoGP World Championship, Portugal is also preparing to welcome the Formula 1 racing cars, again at the Portimao racetrack, located in the Algarve region.

The Portuguese GP has reached its 18th edition, the second consecutive after that in 2020 the Lusitanian nation returned to host a World Cup race after 14 years of fasting. Ayrton Senna is the driver to have won the most pole positions in Portugal, while his eternal rival Alain Prost boasts the most wins.

All in the race that allowed Stevenage's Lion to overtake Michael Schumacher as the most successful driver in Formula 1 history. The German stopped at 91.