Totto Wolf: "It feels like we got a free card to get out of jail."

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Totto Wolf: "It feels like we got a free card to get out of jail."

At one point at the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, it seemed that Mercedes would go home empty-handed, but in the end, they were honored to be second with Lewis Hamilton and retain the lead in the overall standings. Although the Portuguese Grand Prix is ​​just around the corner, the memories of the very exciting race in Imola have not faded yet, and Toto Wolff claims that it will not be so soon.

His team had a completely "crazy" Sunday and went from despair to celebration. The head of the Mercedes team used interesting terminology describing leaving Imola with the lead in the standings, despite all the unfavorable events on the track Enzo and Dino Ferrari.

"We had a crazy race in Imola, it is one of those Grand Prizes that you will remember for a long time. There were so many ups and downs, at some point it felt like we weren’t going to score points at all."

"It was a real rollercoaster of emotions, from the disappointment of Valtteri's terrible accident to the enthusiasm for Lewis' ride. " “Going with the lead in both World Cup competitions makes it feel like we got a free card to get out of jail.

Our rivals did not maximize the opportunity we gave them." "It shows how challenging the season awaits us and how quickly things can turn around in Formula 1, ”says Toto, looking back on the last race.

Portugal GP

Now, they are waiting for Portugal, the Grand Prix held for the first time last year at the Algarve International track in Portimao.

Mercedes had a successful weekend, especially Hamilton who achieved pole position, victory and the fastest lap of the race. “It’s an exciting, wavy track that provided a great race in 2020. We’ve seen in the qualifiers and introductory laps that warming up the tires isn’t easy."

"It’s still a pretty new track for everyone, which should make things interesting again and mean we’ll all learn something over the weekend, ”announces Wolff. "We are expecting a new close fight with Red Bull, and McLaren and Ferrari could be there somewhere.

We will see how things turn out in Portugal. " Mercedes will be the absolute favorite just as before, but the question is whether they will justify the role of the favorite, given how far Red Bull has progressed. This season could be one of the more interesting as it looks like we will be watching a fight between the two teams, although most still prefer Mercedes