Max Verstappen believes they need to stay focused if they want the title

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Max Verstappen believes they need to stay focused if they want the title

Max Verstappen is excited to finally have a car with which he can constantly fight for pole position and victory but warns that he and Red Bull must continue to improve if they want to win the title against Mercedes. Verstappen had the best start of the season in his F1 career with second and first place in the first two races, and in the drivers ’standings, he is just one point behind Hamilton who has won six titles in the last seven years.

Red Bull stepped up this year with Perez who already in the second race of the season managed to beat Verstappen in the qualifiers even though he had a bad race in rainy conditions in Imola. “Of course it was great to win in Imola after a missed opportunity in Bahrain,” Verstappen said.

"There were a few things we had to learn after Bahrain, which we did so that we could win. We know this is a very long season and we need to stay focused. ” "I always look ahead. Imola was not perfect so we have to keep pushing.

” “I didn’t get the maximum out on Saturday so it was definitely good to lead the race after the first turn. I am happy with our RB16B car, it is faster, has more grip, and better balance."

Portugal race

"We lost some downforce with the floor, but I think we lost a little less than the other teams and that shows that we have made a good step forward.

” "We started the season well, the best since I've been on the team. The season is long, and if we want to fight for the title, we have to keep improving. ” The next championship race is driven in Portugal where Verstappen qualified last year and finished third, and he believes they have a better car this year.

“I look forward to returning to Portugal where we were on the podium last year,” he said. "I think we have a better car now, so I'm looking forward to getting everything I can out of the car and having fun."

“This year we feel like we had a chance to win every weekend and it’s different when you know you can fight for the pole. We have definitely learned a lot in recent years and I am very excited to see what awaits us. ” "It won't be easy, but we will do everything we can to stay in the fight this year."