Haas F1 Team again without points

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Haas F1 Team again without points

Haas team principal Guenther Steiner is aware that they are not achieving good results, but he believes that the results will be better in the coming period and that it should be taken into account that this is a difficult year.

“I think what we are trying to do is get the best out what we’ve got, nothing else,” Steiner said. “At the moment the [plan] is we try to get through. If we can get through, then there will be better days ahead."

- as quoted by formula1 “But this season will be challenging, I said that from the beginning. It will be a challenging season after what we have learned after the first two races in Austria. We just keep on working hard and trying always to get the best out of what we have got”.

Tire problems

Magnussen had tire problems in the last race and they were not allowed to take any risks. Romain Grosjean also had the same problems they will have to work on in the future “It wasn’t great, as you saw,” said Steiner.

“Kevin just couldn’t keep his tires together, he kept on wearing them out and at some stage, it was just getting too dangerous to keep on changing tires. Blisters and vibrations, we had to retire him for safety reasons obviously."

“Romain, we tried, and sometimes the risk is not worthwhile based on what you are risking for, so we decided to get him in and that was it then. We struggled really with the tires to manage them, the rear tires."

“Mainly it was the soft tires in the race, the higher temperatures, and the higher pressure. I think the combination of all that was fatal. Some people made it on a one-stop but I think that was on the edge for everybody at the end.

It was the same for everybody and even Mercedes struggled, which says it all”. Steiner still doesn't know what to expect in the future “It’s so difficult to say because also here, the step softer we didn’t anticipate this big a problem in the race.

We didn’t actually anticipate them after testing on Friday, some of the tires came out completely different than we anticipated, but then you have to think we increased the pressures as well. So it’s a combination of things and until we test the tires on Friday [in Spain] it will be difficult to make a prediction”.