Charles Leclerc would not leave Ferrari for twice as much money

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Charles Leclerc would not leave Ferrari for twice as much money

Charles Leclerc says he wouldn’t leave his current Ferrari team even if someone else offered him twice as much money, and he admits it’s unrealistic to expect him to fight for wins this season. Leclerc arrived at Ferrari in 2019 after his debut season at Alfa Romeo, in which he completely overshadowed his teammate Marcus Ericsson, whose fifth season in Formula 1 and fourth in that team, and in Ferrari he impressed against Sebastian Vettel, who left his team after six years.

In an interview with Italian Il Giornale, Leclerc commented on his goals at Ferrari, the current season in which Ferrari is much more competitive than last year, and the candidates for the title of champion Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton.

When asked what he would tell his manager if he tells him that a team had offered him twice as much money at Ferrari, Leclerc gave a clear answer. “I’d say no because Ferrari is special,” Leclerc said. “Money is important, but I believe in this project and I want to go all the way with the team I’ve been dreaming of since I was a kid.

I want to succeed with them, and when I want something then I want to go all the way. ” "I feel great and I want to achieve my goal I set for myself and I won't leave until I achieve that." "I am happy to say that because I have enough money.

But love is the most important thing, without a doubt. ” Leclerc commented on which moments of the weekend he feels more excited about, at key moments of qualifying or at the start of the race. "On the eve of the qualifying round, because if I make a mistake in the race, I can correct it.

You only have one lap in the qualifiers and that’s why it’s a lot harder, even harder than at the start." "Also, I like the feeling in the qualifications because the car has the maximum performance and I feel that I can give my best there.

Sprint races

Leclerc has spoken positively about the idea of ​​sprint races that Formula 1 should try out this season at races at Silverstone, Monza, and Interlagos, and confirmation of that should arrive this week.

“That would be pretty cool. I’m curious about it and would love to try shorter races to see more action. I think it's worth trying. " When asked who he would rather have dinner with, Max Verstappen or Lewis Hamilton, Leclerc said he would rather have dinner with Max because he is closer to his age.

"Maybe with Max because we're the same age." As for Verstappen's chances for the title in the fight with Hamilton, Leclerc believes that the Dutchman has a chance: "I think so because their cars seem to be equal, and he drives very fast."

Although Ferrari has improved significantly since 2020 when they finished sixth in the constructors ’standings, Leclerc is aware that Red Bull and Mercedes are unattainable this year and that Ferrari’s main goal must be to finish ahead of McLaren in the battle for third place.

"We still need a big step forward to win," he said. “We’ve come a lot closer, but there’s still a big difference compared to Mercedes and Red Bull." "I don’t think we have the potential to win.

On some trails we will be closer, but I don’t think that will be enough. The current goal is to be ahead of McLaren. ”