George Russell wants to be the initiator of new changes in F1

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George Russell wants to be the initiator of new changes in F1

George Russell, 23, says Formula 1 racing has been bad for two decades, and he wants to improve action on the track as the new director of the GPDA drivers ’association. Recall, in March, Russell joined with Alexander Wurz and Sebastian Vettel at the head of the said association representing all F1 drivers.

The Briton believes that you cannot overtake in F1 if the attacking car does not have a significant advantage in terms of tire condition. He thinks this is a big problem that needs to be solved soon: “Good races attract more fans and show F1 in the best light.

Racing hasn’t been good probably for the last 20 years, to be honest. It was also not ‘natural’ enough. ” “We see good racing when there is a big difference in tires between two cars. In all other cases - you just can't overtake or race.

" "We have to try to find a way to suggest to F1 and Pirelli what we want from cars, what we want from tires and tracks."

Barcelona track

Russell gave an example of a track in Barcelona that he says was one of the worst for racing in this century: “Right now we have Barcelona which always offers pretty bad racing.

On the whole - I think we would have a closer race if we brought back the two fast turns that were there 15 years ago." "Then the cars could be tracked a little closer. We would go out at a higher speed, and the leeward effect would be bigger until the first turn.

” With this change, both drivers and fans who would watch more exciting races would benefit “Fans would see cars at higher speeds, and it’s exciting for drivers to drive fast with those turns. This benefits everyone.

” “It would be an easy way to fix a track that is pretty bad. Obviously, there are security implications that are not so simple and we can't just say, 'let's change this path.' " "But it can be done as early as next year."

Certainly, Russell's remarks are correct and that we should really work on some F1 bases that he stated. We will see how much this objection will be taken into account and whether F1 will really try to change certain things and thus increase the quality of the competition. This would be useful for both drivers and Formula 1