Sebastian Vettel disappointed with the late reaction of the FIA

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Sebastian Vettel disappointed with the late reaction of the FIA

Sebastian Vettel believes that the FIA did not behave professionally after the penalty did not come on time, and the reason is the non-compliance with the procedure before the race and says that earlier punishment would cost them much less, adding that the Aston Martin car should be better in all areas to be more competitive later in the season.

Vettel lost to Stroll in both qualifying and in both races this season, and in Imola, both cars had problems with the brakes before the start of the race. Stroll's mechanics managed to fix the car on time, but Vettel was not so lucky and the team broke the rule because they did not fasten his tires five minutes before the start of the race.

So he had to start from boxing and received a ten-second penalty of rest in boxing almost 40 minutes after the start of the race, which especially angered Vettel because they lost a lot more time due to the late sentencing.

“I think we could have had a better race if the FIA ​​reacted faster,” Vettel said.

FIA mistake

"We broke the rules, so we got a penalty, but they didn't care until the race was already far away so at that point the penalty cost us a lot more than it would have been earlier in the race."

"That's why it wasn't very professional, but it certainly wasn't a decisive factor in our race. We had a lot of problems. It was not a race without the problems we had hoped for, it was a difficult day. " Vettel has yet to score points after two races at Aston Martin, unlike team-mate Stroll, who finished in the top ten in both Bahrain and Imola.

“I spent some useful time in the car, but in terms of results there aren’t a lot of positive things,” he said. "We need to do a better job in a lot of areas… and we need more grip to be in a better position."

“Lance’s scoring points are good for the team. We both had a similar problem before the start of the race, and then I guess he was lucky he didn’t have to start from boxing. But it's good that we at least won some points.

" Thanks to Stroll’s points, Aston Martin is in sixth place in the constructors ’standings with just five points, as many as 36 points less than third-placed McLaren.