Jan Lammers believes Hamilton often makes mistakes

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Jan Lammers believes Hamilton often makes mistakes

While many believe Lewis Hamilton’s mistake was one of the few, former Formula 1 driver Jan Lammers disagrees. Lammer believes Hamilton is making mistakes, but due to various circumstances, this does not come to the fore, or generally, he is not punished for it.

Formula 1 did another fascinating race in Imola where Max Verstappen won first place. It looked like Lewis Hamilton would challenge Max Verstappen for the lead in the race after they both stepped back onto the drying track, but Lewis went wide and ended up in the gravel.

Still, that mistake didn’t cost him dearly because a red flag was hoisted immediately afterward due to a collision between Bottas and Russell. Jan Lammers stated that Lewis Hamilton is not resistant to mistakes and that he has made mistakes in the past, the only difference being that this time the mistake came to the fore.

"Hamilton is often wrong. His mistakes were never punished because he drove the best car and always got away with it. ” “Hamilton often finds himself where it's important. But you saw in Imola that everyone is vulnerable to circumstances.

” Max Verstappen also had his little off-track adventure when he was rescuing a car shortly before the race started again. "It is a case of half full or empty glass. If you look closely, it was flawless. He almost made a mistake, but you can also say that he did a fantastic job saving the car.

” "If he had twisted, it would have been a real mistake. Well, you see, a mistake can happen in that situation, but it was all part of the weekend. ”

Lammers is impressed

In the end, Lammers says he is impressed with Verstappen’s overall race, praising him for taking the lead early.

“Verstappen had a good start, both in reaction and execution. He had to force himself to take the lead in the first combination of corners, but everything looked good. ” "Red Bull driver [Max Verstappen] knew the lead would be so important and made a difference right away."

Indeed, most are impressed with Verstappen's performances and believe that this could be his season in which he will show his full potential. On the other hand, there is one of the best Formula 1 drivers Lewis Hamilton who is as always a favorite.

Verstappen has proven he can be better, but he needs to be consistent with his results. If he succeeds, then he will show that he really has the potential for the very top.