Mattia Binotto regrets not achieving the podium with Ferrari

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Mattia Binotto regrets not achieving the podium with Ferrari

Ferrari finished the first two races of this season with both cars winning points. For the first time after the Japan Grand Prix and the 2019 Mexico Grand Prix, Ferrari won points in both consecutive races with both cars.

After a torturous last season for the Italian team, this season, Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz Jr. have a competitive car at their disposal. As things stand, not competitive enough to fight for the title, but enough to fight McLaren for third place in the constructors ’standings, which would be a big improvement after last year’s sixth place.

It was the worst placement of Ferrari since 1980 and the last placement outside the top five. "On a completely different track and in very different conditions compared to the first race of this season, this result confirms that the work we are doing is going in the right direction," said Mattia Binotto, adding: "The fact that we are not happy because we did not achieve a podium with at least one car, is further proof of this.

We can definitely say that the outcome of these first two races is positive. " "Since the second half of 2019, more precisely since the races in Japan and Mexico that year, we have not had both drivers in points in two consecutive races.

We have to continue like this and show, race by race, that we know how to improve. "

2021 season

Ferrari couldn’t afford another bad season like the one last and had to prepare a new powertrain. Ferrari had to start preparing for the next season when they will also have a new power unit.

"I think that the car for 2021 works as we expect, so a good correlation with our data is great. We have already switched to 2022, so the team is focused on next year, but we will still work on the development of cars for 2021.

" “Our goal for the season… is still to prove that we can make progress in all areas. I think we can do that. It's actually a matter of mentality and I think it's even more important that it shows that we are capable of progress, but… " "I am already happy with the progress we have made and that we are in a close fight with McLaren for third place, "said the Ferrari team boss.

Ferrari really looks much better this season and Binotto could be very pleased with the results at the end of the season. But much remains to be done.