The wrong choice of tires cost Gasly to achieve a better result

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The wrong choice of tires cost Gasly to achieve a better result

At the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, only four drivers decided to start on wet tires; among them Pierre Gasly who started the race from a very good fifth place. However, the risky tactic wasn't good and Gasly finished the race only in the seventh position after being promoted by one place due to Stroll's improper prestige.

After those events, Gasly commented: “I have to watch the race one more time. It is obvious that a lot has happened since the start, it was difficult for us. Waiting for the track to be dry, we realized we had screwed up."

"We had problems at the beginning, but after the restart, we had several successful duels and in the end, we managed to collect a few points. We have to check once again in detail what we could have done better because this Sunday was not very good for us.

” Gasly managed to place in eighth place, and this was also contributed by the collision of Bottas and Russell and the transition to medium tires after the restart in the 35th lap. In addition, after Lance Stroll was punished for improper overtaking, the Frenchman was promoted to seventh place.


Pierre Gasly commented on the tactics used: “The decision to start on wet tires was a common one. I agreed with that just as much as the team, we thought we should try. In the end, it turned out that we were the only ones from the top who decided on rainy tires, and the grip was almost non-existent.

” Gasly, however, was not the only one to apply this method. Both Haas drivers and Esteban Ocon started the race on the same tires, but it didn't bring them any benefit either. "At one point we were even last.

Starting from fifth place, we certainly didn’t expect that. I think I was 14th at the restart, and in the continuation of the race, I managed to use the power of the car and driving on a dry track, which led me to eighth place.

Nevertheless, it is not a good afternoon behind us, ”said Gasly. Gasly was the only hope for the Italian team to collect points due to the late take-off of Yuki Tsunoda, who started the race from last place anyway. Alpha Tauri is currently the fifth team in the constructors' standings, just three points ahead of Aston Martin.

The next stop is the Grand Prix of Portugal. Gasly finished last season in a fifth place, and judging by the performance of the car this year, the possibility of a higher placement, and even a podium, is not ruled out.