Alonso: "I'd say we've experienced four races in one."

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Alonso: "I'd say we've experienced four races in one."

Fernando Alonso says he learned a lot in difficult and changeable conditions at the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix and says they experienced four races in one, and despite finishing only ninth and tenth he says the car was better than in the first race in Bahrain.

Alpine’s F1 team won their first points of the season with Ocon in ninth and Alonso in tenth place after a penalty for Raikkonen at Alfa Romeo who lifted both Alpine drivers by one place in the standings. Alonso crashed into a Tosa corner in the warm-up lap and damaged the front wing, and started the race on intermediate tires, unlike Ocon who decided to start on full rain tires.

When the track dried up the drivers got on the track on medium tires, and after the race was stopped Ocon was 12th while Alonso was 13. They finished the race in 10th and 11th place, but due to Raikkonen’s penalty were classified as ninth and tenth.

“The race was tough because we had a lot of different conditions on the track, we started in the rain and finished in the dry,” Alonso said. “I learned a lot by driving again in those conditions. You don't have any preparation in Formula 1, and with one and a half days of testing, it's not easy.

" Given the conditions, Alonso believes he drove 4 races, but he is also happy about the car he thinks listened to him much better this time around and that fact seems to make Alonso happy "In general, I'd say we've experienced four races in one."

"I think the car was better this weekend, which is positive, but it's still very close between a few cars."

Ocon on the race

Ocon beat Alonso in the qualifiers, in which he placed in Q3 and started ninth while the Spaniard started the only 15th, but also in a race in which he finished one place ahead of his teammate.

“The race was challenging because of the difficult conditions,” Ocon said. "There were a lot of opportunities and we managed to win points which is a nice reward for the hard work of the whole team even though there was potential for more."

"The race was long and physically difficult. I had some fun fights, especially with Fernando. Now we turn to the next race weekend. ” The Alpine Team has obviously made a big step forward and seems to want to continue at that pace