Max Verstappen: "I wouldn't call this a dominant show"

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Max Verstappen: "I wouldn't call this a dominant show"

Max Verstappen says he surprised himself with a great start at the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix with which he moved from third place to a lead he didn’t drop until the end of the race. Verstappen qualified third behind Hamilton and team-mate Perez, but with a great start in second gear, he took the lead on first braking and forced Hamilton to cross high curbs in the third corner.

The only mistake he had the whole race happened at the restart, after the race was interrupted, when he warmed up the tires on the eve of a new start and briefly lost control of the car, but managed to get back on track and keep the lead.

Verstappen is pleased with the points won and the way he drove. Given the conditions, it was not easy to race, but Verstappen got the most out of it and managed to win in the end. “Of course I am very happy with this win for everyone on the team and Honda,” Verstappen said.

"I think the start was crucial because we started great. I surprised myself because last year it was always difficult to start in the wet, but we worked hard to fix it and it worked. ” “The conditions were challenging, especially in the beginning, and it was very difficult to stay on track."

Lewis Hamilton

He believes Lewis was a big threat to him but that they still made one decision that changed the course of the race. Still, his team still has a lot to do to reach the coveted title "I wouldn't call this a dominant show because Lewis followed me pretty well, and the fact that he managed to get back to second place shows that they have a lot of speed in that car.

” “We won because we made the right decisions with the tires at the right time. I had a moment of losing control on the restart when I tried to warm the tires with some gas, but luckily I didn't turn around.

” "We still have to work hard to improve because everything is very close, but so far I am very happy with the results." "I'm looking forward to Portimao because it's an amazing track, and after that we go to the track in Barcelona that we all know very well. We'll see what we can do, but so far this has been a good start to the season. "