Lewis Hamilton: "I am just a human"

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Lewis Hamilton: "I am just a human"

Lewis Hamilton says he was a bit impatient overtaking the driver for the entire lap which led to a big mistake that could have cost him if the race hadn’t been interrupted, but he says he’s just a human too and mistakes happen.

Hamilton lost the lead to Verstappen in the second turn and stayed behind him after changing to dry tires, but in moments as he and Verstappen overtook the drivers for the entire lap the Briton flew out in a slow Tossa turn and spent some time in the gravel looking for reverse on his Mercedes F1 W12.

Hamilton managed to return to the track in ninth place, and after a big crash between Bottas and Russell the race was interrupted which allowed Hamilton to return to the lap with the winner with a completely repaired car and win second place behind the winner Verstappen by the end of the race.

“Given that at one stage of the race I was faced with a barrier and was a lap behind, yes, this was a tough day,” said Hamilton who is still leading the championship with a point advantage ahead of Verstappen.

"I had really good speed in the rain and I caught [Verstappen], but I was a little impatient with the drivers I overtook for the whole lap." "And I'm just a human and mistakes happen." “I am grateful to have been back in the race and to have been able to make it to second place.

I started first, I should have been first at the finish line, but those things are there to test us and we have a great fight ahead of us. ” Asked if he was thinking about the championship in the moments when he was facing the barium, Hamilton answered that he was not.

Hamilton on his mistake

"I didn't think about it," he said. "I was just trying to get over that feeling when you make a mistake and move on, learn from it very quickly." “You don’t have time to regret it so I quickly got back into the racing spirit."

"I didn’t know if we would be able to overtake or not because it would be wet outside the line. But we still had some fun fights with all the drivers. ” Hamilton congratulated winner Verstappen and compatriot Norris who finished third for McLaren, the team in which Hamilton made his Formula One debut and won his first 2008 title.

"First, congratulations to Max," he said. “He did a fantastic job today, but also Lando, what a great race. It's so great to see McLaren in this place. ” "For me, this was not the best day. For the first time in a long time, I made a mistake, but I am grateful that I was able to bring the car to the finish line. ”