Lando Norris angry at himself for missing third place

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Lando Norris angry at himself for missing third place

Lando Norris admits he is very angry at himself for a mistake in the last quick lap in qualifying that could have led him to third place, but he is happy that McLaren managed to find better settings for his MCL35M. Norris was faster than his teammate Ricciardo all weekend and was the fastest in the second part of the qualifiers in which Hamilton, Bottas, and Verstappen rode on medium tires.

But in the last fast lap in Q3 Norris drove the two best times in the first two sectors and took second place behind leading Hamilton with a lap of 1: 14.454 which would ultimately be enough for him to finish third between the two Red Bull drivers.

That’s why his first time in Q3 is counted which positioned him in seventh place behind team-mate Ricciardo who also beat him in their previous qualifying clash in Bahrain. “Yeah, I’m pretty disappointed, I’m pretty mad at myself,” Norris told Sky Sports F1.

"I think so far this has been a very good day, the team has done a great job. You know, the car really came to life in qualifying. ” "We've improved the car a lot since Friday, but I spilled everything in that one lap where I shouldn't have made a mistake."

"It's the same for everyone, so at the end of the day it's my fault."

Norris is pleased

Norris added that he is very pleased with McLaren’s progress even though they qualified for sixth and seventh place as in Bahrain, but today they had the potential for third place.

"Yes, I'm really happy," Norris commented. "Not with my performance, but with the team." His team didn’t start well at the start of the week but they seem to have realized what mistakes they made and have learned something from it.

It is very important to understand the car, get to know it in the best possible way, and have a sense of security and trust in it. "I don't think we started the weekend well. We really struggled at first, but we made a lot of improvements.

” "I think we understood a little better how the car works and how to revive it, how to bring it into a better operational area." “This is one of the things we had to learn in Bahrain where we struggled. We changed that this weekend and we did a better job, only I didn't do my part of the job. "