Lewis Hamilton: "If something is not broken, it should not be repaired."

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Lewis Hamilton: "If something is not broken, it should not be repaired."

The seven-time world champion registered a victory at the opening of the World Cup season only for the third time in his career three weeks ago. He did it in an uncertain fight against Max Verstappen, in which the Dutchman realistically had a slightly faster car.

Lewis Hamilton is now preparing for a new showdown with Max Verstappen. The second race of the season takes place in Imola, on a track that is the exact opposite of the one in Bahrain, and according to many, Red Bull's advantage over Mercedes here could be even more visible.

However, the title defender calmly welcomes the race. "Nothing has changed for us. We welcome every race weekend in the same way as we did before. If something is not broken, it should not be repaired. ” “I went through multiple fights with Ferrari, with Seb when he was in Ferrari, and we just need to get to work.

We do what we do, we love challenges." "I have already said that it is exciting for us to have such a challenge in front of us and it is not a challenge we would run away from ", says Hamilton.


At the opening of the season, the Briton took a close victory.

Although we had a three-week break, there are still fresh memories of the tense end of the race, Max's overtaking and regaining his position due to going out of bounds. Bahrain has given certain guidelines for the long season ahead of us, but it is not ruled out that with the change of conditions and the balance of power it will be somewhat different.

“I was left with a really positive feeling because of the results and good memories of that weekend, even though it was a very difficult weekend for us." "I think it was clear how Red Bull started really, really well.

They have a great package and Max Verstappen drives very well. ” "The conditions are there for a good season ahead of us. Of course, we don't know what to expect with the arrival of the next races because we will have different temperatures and surfaces on those tracks, but it will be fun, one way or another, ”says Lewis.

Imola returned to Formula 1 last year, and in a race driven in late autumn 2020, Mercedes celebrated its new design title. In the next three days, Red Bull will look for an opportunity to take revenge for the defeat in Bahrain and try to convince Hamilton that something is broken and that it needs to be repaired for the next races.