Lewis Hamilton: "Sad about the death of Prince Philip"

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Lewis Hamilton: "Sad about the death of Prince Philip"

British Mercedes F1 driver Lewis Hamilton commented on the death of the Duke of Edinburgh, husband of Queen Elizabeth of England, who passed away a few days ago at the age of 99. The Mercedes driver, who was awarded the title of Sir by the British crown, talked at a press conference of Imola GP about the death of the Prince.

He said: "Prince Philip was a racing fan and it was very sad to hear of his death. He had a great life, I know he was committed to helping young people and the legacy he left is very inspiring for us. my thoughts and prayers go out to His Majesty and family.

I am sure he will look down on us. " In order not to overlap the funeral of Prince Philip, scheduled for 3 pm in England, the FIA ​​has decided to bring forward the qualifying session on Saturday at 2 pm and, consequently, also the third free practice session in the morning at 11 am.

Hamilton on the human rights

"Human rights? I try to educate myself on what is happening in the world. It certainly gave me great responsibility. do not remain silent as someone might want me to do. Kneeling was good for letting the black community know that I'm on his side.

It's nice to see the steps of this sport and of my team in the direction of inclusion. When young people look at us, they may ask their parents why we kneel, and this can lead to dialogue. I'm not the one to choose where we're going to run, but I try to take steps to understand the situation.

We visit many countries, there are problems all over the world, but we must not go to these countries ignoring what is happening. We can't get here, have fun and then leave," said the Briton in press conference before the GP.

Hamilton is considered one of the greatest drivers of all time and, together with Michael Schumacher, the most successful champion in the history of Formula 1. He has won 7 world titles: in 2008 with McLaren and in 2014, 2015, 2017, 2018 , 2019 and 2020 with Mercedes.

He is also the driver with the most wins (95), podiums (165) and pole positions (98) in the history of the competition. It stands out for its very aggressive driving style, for its speed in qualifying and for its solidity in the race as well as for its dexterity in the wet, characteristics that make it a complete and very difficult driver for rivals.

Since his debut in the top category, Hamilton has won at least one race and one pole position during the world championship, making him the only driver in the history of the highest formula to have succeeded from the first season for fourteen consecutive years.

With seven world titles he is the most successful Briton of all time, as well as the only Anglo-Saxon to have managed to triumph for four consecutive editions (in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020).