Raikonen confident of winning points in the race in Imola

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Raikonen confident of winning points in the race in Imola

Kimi Raikkonen says that he and his team are sure that they will be at the center of the fight for points this weekend as well, but he is aware that it will not be easy to win them given the very small differences between the mid-ranking teams.

Alfa Romeo has made one of the biggest steps forward with the new C41 car after a very bad last season in which they scored just eight points and finished in the top ten in just four races. They were helped by a significantly stronger Ferrari power unit, which was the weakest in Formula 1 last year, and in the first race of the season, Raikkonen and Giovinazzi finished 11th and 12th, in the best positions that do not bring points.

Last year, Alfa Romeo had the best weekend of the season in Imola in which they won three points, and at the same time, it was the only race in which both Raikkonen and Giovinazzi won points. "We are sure that in Imola we can be in the middle of a fight for points, but we are aware that it will not be easy," said Raikkonen.

"In Bahrain, we've seen that even a good weekend doesn't mean a place in the top ten, so we know we have to keep pushing to improve everything we do from Thursday to Sunday."

Mid teams

"The difference between placements behind the best teams and outside the top ten will be very small.

We hope to do our homework, have a good weekend, and try to be in that first group. ” "We know what's in our control and what's not, so we have to make sure we have the best possible performance." “The race in Bahrain has given us a lot of confidence and we look forward to seeing how competitive we will be in Imola,” said Antonio Giovinazzi to whom this will be the first of two domestic races this season.

“We know we can fight for points, but we know we have to have the perfect weekend to take advantage of it. The differences in the middle of the standings are very small, especially in the qualifiers, and every little detail makes a difference.

” “We’ve made a significant step forward in performance, probably one of the greatest of all teams, and now we’re in a mid-ranking fight,” said team boss Frederic Vasseur. "But we have to finish in the top ten to win points and that has to be our goal in Imola."