Yuki Tsunoda surprised by the reaction of European fans

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Yuki Tsunoda surprised by the reaction of European fans

The Japanese driver only did one Formula 1 race, but a lot of dust rose around him. In a positive way because fans around the world were pleasantly surprised by his ride on his debut in Bahrain. Currently the youngest Formula 1 driver, the first to reach the highest rank of the competition, and having been born in the 2000s, he accepts all that public attention quite calmly.

After reaching the ninth place at the opening of the season and showing some great overtaking, Ross Brawn called him the best rookie Formula 1 has had in recent years, but Yuki Tsunoda will calmly say that he hoped for a better placement.

"It is interesting that after Bahrain I received a lot more reactions from fans from Europe than from those from Japan. It's because of the cultural nature - fans in Japan want to see what I'll be like in a few races so they can make a real impression.

" "I was surprised by the reaction in Europe. I didn’t expect this because the weekend in Bahrain was not perfect for me and I was hoping to end up in a better position." "I’m happy for the support of the fans, but I don’t feel the pressure because of it.

I accept that as something positive and this weekend I will simply try to do my job as well as possible, ”says Tsunoda. The weekend ahead brings the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix at the Enzo and Dino Ferrari track in Imola.

A big plus for Yuki should be the fact that he has already driven on that track in a Formula 1 car.


For his AlphaTauri, it is a home track and Yuki had certain tests in Imola last year, but also during the winter break.

Sure, he couldn’t drive the same car he’ll be racing this Sunday, but it should be a lot easier for him than in some other races this season. “When we come to the tracks that are new to me, like Portimao or Monaco, I think it will be harder than in Bahrain.

It won’t be a problem in Imola because I drove there a lot so I can work in a similar way as I did in Bahrain." "I will use the experience gained in the first race, and I already have confidence in the car on the track in Imola.

" "I will start the weekend by gradually increasing my speed. This will be crucial because you don’t want to make a mistake in your first free workout that would cause you to lose confidence." "Since we already drove there before the season, as a team we can concentrate on tuning the car and try to make the most of that advantage.

” "I hope we can achieve a good result. This is important because it’s a home race for the team, and even for me. I feel at home there, ”says the 20-year-old Japanese. In Imola he will still have that luxury of knowing the track, and it will be very interesting to see the young Japanese man at the Grand Prix of Portugal when he first steps on the track in Portimao.