Verstappen: "If you want to succeed you need to be lucky"

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Verstappen: "If you want to succeed you need to be lucky"

Regardless of the effort and attempts to provide drivers with the opportunity to succeed with their own knowledge and racing skills, and not because of the cars they drive, ultimately the driver and the car will need to be compatible in order to achieve continued success.

The most recent example of this is Mercedes and the dominance of Lewis Hamilton in the last seven seasons, with the exception of 2016 when Nico Rosberg won the title, also a Mercedes driver. No one could have predicted such dominance of Mercedes, not even Lewis Hamilton no matter how good a driver he was.

And that is happiness that Max Verstappen mentions. By comparison, Sebastian Vettel went to Ferrari after four years of dominance with Red Bull, but luck was not on his side. "There is a small dose of luck, I think there are a lot of good drivers in F1," he told Autosport.

“Some won more titles than others, of course, and some won nothing. There are world champions, for many years, which didn’t mean they were the only great drivers at the time." "You just need luck, being in the right team in the right place and you are dominant for a long time.

And that doesn't always happen. " “I hope to be in a position to fight for the title or whatever in the near future. Whether it will be one of seven titles, will depend on how long the team will be dominant. ”


Lewis Hamilton is chasing a record eighth championship title this season, currently tied with Michael Schumacher, both seven, but Hamilton holds the record for most wins.

Verstappen believes Mercedes ’dominance influenced Hamilton’s invincibility, but Hamilton’s talent, which he has shown since the early stages of his career and which he has proven in his 14-year-long F1 career, is unquestionable.

Finally, Verstappen highlighted Hamilton’s victory at last season’s Turkish Grand Prix, confirming his seventh championship title, as proof of why the Briton is one of the best drivers in history. “It’s hard to say, but of course you have to pay tribute to Lewis for what he’s been like over the years, for always coming back and for winning so many races and championships.

You definitely can't ignore that. " “There are other people in Formula 1 who I think are very good, very strong, and who would also be very good in that car. But still, the way Lewis won some tough races is remarkable, e.g.

Turkey last year. He did everything right. He is definitely one of the best drivers in the history of Formula 1 ", said Max.