McLaren is cautious in the rest of the season

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McLaren is cautious in the rest of the season

McLaren F1 boss Andreas Seidl says he is still unsure where his team stands despite a very good first weekend of the season in Bahrain as he is aware that the balance of power on the next few tracks could change significantly given how close the midfield teams are.

After winning third place last season and switching to Mercedes engines this year, McLaren is one of the favorites for third place behind the untouchable duo of Mercedes and Red Bull, and in the first race of the season, Norris and Ricciardo finished fourth and seventh that the Woking team currently holds on to third place ahead of Ferrari.

Aside from McLaren and Ferrari, the AlphaTauri also looked very competitive with Honda’s ever-stronger engine even though they won just two points thanks to Tsunoda’s ninth place after Gasly broke the front wing in a duel with Ricciardo.

Next race

Seidl is pleased with the performance of his team in Bahrain but wants to wait for a few more races to assess the actual ranking in a very even middle of the standings. “I think we just have to wait for more tracks with different characteristics, different weather conditions, and different tire choices to see some trend,” Seidl said.

"I think it's also clear that the cars around us, which we're fighting, have also made good strides compared to last year and the fight with them is back in a few tenths." "It also means that the advantages and disadvantages of cars can significantly affect the order, depending on some track characteristics or weather conditions."

"It is very close. And we just have to keep moving forward, analyzing and understanding the package we have to get the most out of it. ” "Then we have to keep making improvements to the car in the next races to make sure we stay on top in that fight."

Seidl also praised Mercedes, with whom they worked hard to install the powertrain during the winter and on the first weekend of the season, which passed without any problems. It seems that McLaren has great cooperation with Mercedes and that there is a great atmosphere in both teams.

Seidl praised every individual who helped and that all of them had a great impact. “All the guys from Mercedes worked hard with us over the winter to integrate Mercedes’ powertrain into the car, ”Seidl said.

"Going through the first weekend together without any problems is thanks to the great work of everyone involved."