Daniel Ricciardo criticized the official F1 channels

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Daniel Ricciardo criticized the official F1 channels

Daniel Ricciardo has fiercely criticized the people who run the official F1 channels on social media because they put too much emphasis on collisions and believe that Formula 1 can and must do much better than that. Formula 1 has become increasingly involved in social media since the Liberty Media Group became the new owner in 2017, and in the search for new followers, they have particularly focused on the younger generations who love short and interesting content.

One of the obviously more popular things among the younger population, but also for viewers who are not regular Formula 1 followers, are collisions that Formula 1 has never lacked, but McLaren's driver Ricciardo, who sharply criticized social media leaders, does not like such an approach.

“I think F1 put content like‘ top 10 moments of the season ’or something like that on their social channels last year, and eight out of ten of those moments were collisions,” Ricciardo said. "I thought, 'You're fuc*ing idiots.'

Maybe 12-year-olds want to see that kind of content and that's cool because they don't even know better, but we're not kids. " “You just have to be better guys. You have to do better than that. ”

'Drive to Survive'

Ricciardo also referred to Netflix's documentary 'Drive to Survive', which got his third season this year, and which also emphasizes more dramatic moments where they may not be.

“I think the first season of Drive to Survive [about the 2018 F1 season] was great, I spent some time in the US and I noticed it while traveling,” Ricciardo said. “It was the first time they started recognizing me and connecting me with that TV series.

So it definitely did wonders for us, the numbers on social media went crazy. It did a lot for us and for the sport. ” "But in the second season [showing the 2019 F1 season] there were some episodes and parts where it seems to me that they pushed things a little bit."

"They tried to create a rivalry between me and Sainz that didn't really exist. He is not a bigger rival to me than anyone else. I didn't have anything personal against him, but I think they wanted to get something out of it, so there was a question about Carlos.

" "No one may have noticed, but for me he is fine. I probably have some other guys I don't like, unlike Carlos… Okay, he dresses like a 60-year-old, but otherwise, he's fine. ”