Mike Elliot is the new technical director of Mercedes

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Mike Elliot is the new technical director of Mercedes

James Allison will no longer hold the position of technical director of the Mercedes F1 team, and his current role will be taken over by Mike Elliot, it was announced from the ranks of the current world champions in Formula 1.

Allison has been the technical director of the Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 team since 2017, and in that period the Silver Arrows have won four consecutive double trophies, and in total their winning streak has lasted for seven years.

However, Allison is now stepping down and will be the head of the technical department, which should mean that he will no longer be with the team every day, but will concentrate more on the challenges that the team expects in entering the new era of Formula 1.

rules from 2022.. “I firmly believe that people have a shelf life in leading roles in this sport and I have decided to leave the position of technical director to hand over the baton further at the right time for the organization and for me."

"I enjoyed four and a half wonderful years as technical director. I had the special privilege of leading the technical work of the team during that period, and it is a special pleasure to be succeeded by Mike, an outstanding engineer in an extremely strong group of senior staff of this team, ”said Allison.

“We will benefit from the fresh ideas he will bring in that role, and I hope that I will continue to contribute in the new sphere of my function as the head of the technical department. I will focus on increasing our management skills and supporting Toto in facing the great strategic challenges we will face in the near future.

Elliot on his new job

Elliot began his F1 career in 2000 at McLaren, and for a time also worked for Renault. In the Mercedes team, he has so far held the position of Technological Director. “It was a great pleasure to work for James earlier in my career at Renault, as well as the last four years at Mercedes.

His results in this sport speak for themselves." "He was a fantastic teammate and leader all that time. It will be difficult to jump into his shoes, but I am thrilled to be able to look for his expertise in this new role of head of the technical department.

” “It is an extraordinary opportunity for me personally to become a technical director in a team like Mercedes and I have to thank Toto and the company for their trust. I can't wait to start working and accept the exciting challenges that await us in the coming months and years, ”said Elliot.