Rosberg: “I really want Sebastian to get out of this bad period"

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Rosberg: “I really want Sebastian to get out of this bad period"

It is not entirely clear to the 2016 champion what is happening with his compatriot and winner of four Formula 1 title, and he also gave his comment on the new German on the grid. The farewell season at Ferrari ended for Sebastian Vettel as it ended - by winning only 13th place in the drivers' standings and with the rare performances that could be classified as positive or good.

What worries even more at the moment, it seems that the change of environment has not brought the German any "awakening" or way out of the crisis. Clearly, only one race has been done and no conclusions need to be drawn based on the first appearance, but Vettel continued in the Aston Martin car the way he stopped at Ferrari last season.

He had a lack of time in the car due to technical problems, in the qualifications for the Grand Prix of Bahrain he was eliminated in the first round, and in the race, he was slightly better, until he had another big mistake - a collision with Esteban Ocon for which he was punished, so he finished the race in a weak 15th place.

Rosberg on Vettel

Vettel's situation was commented on by his former track rival and 2016 world champion, Nico Rosberg: “I really want Sebastian to get out of this bad period that started at Ferrari and has now been transferred to the first race in the new team.

I was surprised that he says that he still doesn't feel comfortable in the car, but well, he has a new team, so he needs a little more time. " “Sebastian has a huge talent, we are talking about a four-time world champion, so he will be fine and I am sure we will see some great races from him this year, he just has to find a way out of this negative vortex.

That is very, very important. We saw another mistake that is atypical for a four-time world champion." Vettel was the only permanent German driver in Formula 1 last year. After Rosberg's withdrawal, Nico Hülkenberg was still there, but in 2020 he was left without a permanent engagement.

He jumped in only as a replacement. Now Germany still has one rookie on the grid and a driver from whom a lot is expected in the future. “Mick deserves to be in Formula 1 because he has dominated the lower categories, including winning a Formula 2 title.

It’s fun to watch him and he’s doing pretty well. It's important to give him time because Formula 1 is top class, you can't dominate it as soon as you get there. ”