Alpine Team wants to have the best car in 2022

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Alpine Team wants to have the best car in 2022

The Alpine-Renault team has reached its limits with the A521 car and is slowly preparing for the new time in Formula 1 that is coming in 2022. This is the conclusion of Alpine-Renault team boss Laurent Rossi. "What we want to do is build on what we have done so far.

We know that we have more or less reached the end of this car anyway. So we will get as much out of it as possible, use it to fine-tune the process within the organization, while in the meantime we will provide the conditions to make the best car ever for the next regulatory era, ”Rossi said.

The French F1 team based in Enstone, England had a very turbulent period during the break between seasons. In addition to changing the name to the Alpine F1 Team, the French also changed the leadership within the team. Instead of the current head of the team, Cyril Abiteboul, in January this year, he was replaced by Laurent Rossi, while Davide Brivio, now the former head of Suzuki's MotoGP team, took over from the position of Moto GP racing director.


The trio that will lead the team this season is completed by team CEO Martin Budkowski. According to the team boss, the aforementioned trefoil makes an ideal combination for future success. "Today’s team is a collection of different people.

We have tons of them who are very good, but there is a difference: coming to the team, Marcin (Budkowski) started to give his stamp to the team, so we hired a few high-quality engineers. ” Rossi, a bit of a joke, also says, “We are confident that the mayonnaise will taste good this year.

And we’re French, so we know something about mayonnaise. For Marcin Budkowski, the chief engineer of the French team, it can be said with great certainty that he has the biggest authority within Alpine, while his role will be most visible in the preparations for next season when the new rules in F1 come.

Also, the Pole has achieved a very good relationship with lower-ranked employees. “I always went to the core, yet I am an engineer, so I talked to all the engineers within the team and I realized that they are quite aligned with him, which is very rare because I have been in many organizations so far in which the top relationship with the lower-ranked employers was not always good ” - concludes Laurent Rossi.