Leclerc expects Sainz to fight for the victories

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Leclerc expects Sainz to fight for the victories

The Monegasque driver has a plan for the successful future of the team from Maranello - he sees the change of rules as an opportunity for Ferrari to return to the winning track, and he praises his new teammate and expects good things from him.

Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz did their first race as teammates in the team of Ferrari. They have not yet found themselves in a direct clash on the track, so we have yet to see how they will behave in that situation, but for now, there are no problems between them.

"I didn't know Carlos very well because we never spent much time together," Leclerc said. "Now our relationship is getting stronger. We have common interests, we often joke and get along great. " On the abilities of his new colleague inside the car, Leclerc says: “Carlos is a really good driver, and so far he hasn't had a car in which he could prove it.

I expect him to fight for victories when we have a real car. ”

"Real car"

Leclerc, of course, sees the opportunity to create this "real car", a car that could allow Ferrari drivers to reach Grand Prix victories, in a major change in technical rules that will take effect next year.

Will Ferrari really compete for the top step of the podium even then? "Why not? I think we will. It takes us more than a year to become a dominant team, but a return to victories can happen even earlier, primarily because 2022 will be an unusual year for everyone.

Everyone will start from zero. ” “When the rule change happened in 2007, Ferrari started out as the fastest car. I believe in this team. I think this will be an opportunity for us, a real opportunity to get back on the winning track, ”says Leclerc.

Both Ferrari drivers finished the Bahrain Grand Prix by scoring points. Leclerc’s sixth place and Sainz's eighth suggest that this season will still be slightly better than the tragically bad 2020 for the Maranello society.

Many have high expectations of Ferrari and believe that Ferrari could surprise this season. Given the drivers and a team of experts, Ferrari really has a good chance to get a positive result, but the season is long, and we will see what awaits us Of course, the competition will be strong this season