Toto Wolff: "The gods of racing were on our side and that’s why we won"

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Toto Wolff: "The gods of racing were on our side and that’s why we won"

Although Lewis Hamilton has started the new season victoriously. What we could see at the Bahrain Grand Prix in the opinion of Toto Wolff is a clear indication that Red Bull currently has the advantage. Wolff substantiates his thesis that Red Bull will be even better and of better quality in the next races with the following facts.

Firstly, the track in Bahrain has not suited Red Bull cars in recent years, and secondly, Red Bull regularly entered the season more slowly and then caught the momentum and reduced the gap behind Mercedes. The last victory of Red Bull in Bahrain happened in 2013 and indeed, since then, the "Bulls" can not boast of any brilliant achievements in the desert.

Until last year’s Verstappen third place, for many years they didn’t even step on the podium. Toto Wolff comments on the start of the season: “Bahrain was not the best race for Red Bull, and otherwise they were not particularly good at the start of the new season, but last weekend shows that this is no longer the case in 2021."

"I have no doubt that Red Bull will be extremely hard to beat. They are currently the team that leads the order. ” It’s not exactly like that when looking at the constructor’s standings at the moment, and the question is whether Toto is saying exactly what he thinks.


He certainly hopes that the Mercedes car will perform better on some other tracks than in Bahrain, but why not shift the pressure on the backs of his colleague Horner and his team. Especially since such tactics proved successful at the opening of the season.

“The gods of racing were on our side and that’s why we won, not because we suddenly discovered some extraordinary performance. It was a combination of great strategy, a solid car for the race, and a little luck in the end ", points out the head of the Mercedes team.

"We were four-tenths slower in the qualifications and that is quite a difference, which will be very difficult to make up. We lack speed in qualifying and that’s a lot." "We were competitive in the race, definitely, and we made up for something compared to testing, but if we are 100 percent honest, we still lack speed for qualifying.

” At the Bahrain Grand Prix, Mercedes scored 13 points more than Red Bull, and we will see what the race in Imola brings us. Last year, Mercedes celebrated a double victory there, but Verstappen was in a fight until he flew off the track due to a flat tire. At that point, he held the second position.