Steiner: "We got half of what we wanted"

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Steiner: "We got half of what we wanted"

Haas head coach Guenther Steiner says his driver Nikita Mazepin is depressed about twisting and giving up in Bahrain but is ready to try again in the next race. Mazepin's debut performance was not something he would be happy with for a long time.

Aside from having trouble controlling the car all weekend, the worst only came on Sunday when he crashed into barriers after just two corners. He took full responsibility for the mistake and said the team deserved better than that.

"I told him to raise his head and keep pushing. Of course, this is not an ideal scenario, but it happened. He was quite depressed about it, but he is ready for another attempt. " When asked by Autosport if Mazepin is trying a little too hard to show his critics that they are wrong, Steiner replies: "It's hard to answer that question because I don't really think that way."

“You always want to prove yourself, don’t you? I don’t know how much it affects you. He seemed ready at the start of testing. I wouldn't describe it that way, but it certainly wasn't an easy winter for him.



Regardless of Mazepin’s mistake, the Haas VF21 is a hard-duty car, as Mick Schumacher has experienced. "Nikita pressed much more, but I think it's up to his character. Sometimes you have to cross the line to find the limit.

” "It doesn't surprise me because you're trying to do your best, and our car isn't very easy to drive." "I think both drivers were a little too aggressive on the gas, and these cars are so powerful and if you overdo it on acceleration then there's no way you can get out."

Steiner believes there will be more incidents in the future, but not like this: “You have to acquire the skills to fight. The point is to gain experience, that’s the key. I don't think this will happen again.

It will twist again, but not this way. This was a new experience - fighting other cars in the race. Sometimes that's why you're a little over-optimistic. " “Besides, Mick did a good job. At least we got half of what we wanted.

” Surely this will be a great experience for these young drivers that will help them in the future. Mazepin and Schumacher are already showing that they have a lot of potential, they still have to show it