Nelson Piquet: "Verstappen would dominate Hamilton if they were on the same team"

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Nelson Piquet: "Verstappen would dominate Hamilton if they were on the same team"

Three-time Formula One world champion, the legendary Nelson Piquet, believes Max Verstappen would dominate Lewis Hamilton if they drove together in a Mercedes. Piquet mentioned in an interview that it is extremely difficult to compare two drivers if they are not driving for the same team, but he also believes that Verstappen would be superior in such a duel.

He added that Valtteri Bottas and even Nico Rosberg are inferior drivers compared to Hamilton. “First of all, we have to take into account that Formula 1 is a category with different cars, so it’s very difficult to make a direct comparison between two drivers if they’re not on the same team,” Piquet said.

"But if Max drove for Mercedes, I'm sure he'd be more dominant than Hamilton."

Piquet believes Max is more aggressive

"Max is more aggressive, that's why he makes mistakes more often, but in my opinion, he is better than Hamilton.

It's easy for Hamilton to win when he has Bottas as the second driver. " “It reminds me a bit of the situation of Mansell and me in Williams when the other drivers were far behind. I won the championship in 1987, but I didn’t drive like before because I had an accident at the beginning of the year."

"Still, I won that title with a little luck. I was supposed to win in 1986, but I won in 1987. ” “But it was too easy. The car was so much better than the others, so it is with Mercedes - they are far better than other cars all these years.

” "I'm not saying Hamilton isn't good, but he has a weaker driver next to him. Rosberg was even worse,he won the title because that was the year when Hamilton had accidents and giving up, ”he says.

His son, Piquet Jr., a former Formula E champion and former Formula One driver agreed with Nelson Piquet. "I think we have to consider two things - Lewis's experience and Max's wish. Lewis has been in F1 for 15 years and I believe that little by little, he is starting to lose that desire.

On the other hand, Max carries a knife between his teeth. ” "Lewis has already won seven titles, there is another kind of 'flame' in him. That can make a difference. I like to compare Max to MMA fighters, ready for any challenge.

He is different from Lewis, who has already won championships and races. ” “Lewis’ experience will help in some areas, but Max’s desire and aggression is biger, ”- Piquet Jr. concluded.