Fernando Alonso: “Until giving up, it was a lot of fun to race"

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Fernando Alonso: “Until giving up, it was a lot of fun to race"

Double world champion Fernando Alonso took the part in the official Formula 1 race in Bahrain for the first time since the final of the 2018 season in Abu Dhabi. Unfortunately for the Spaniard from Oviedo, he will not remember this race for good because, along with rookie Nikita Mazepin from Haas, he was the only one left without a place, due to a malfunction on his Alpine in the 32nd lap.

“We had certain brake problems that prevented me from getting to the flag at the end of the race,” the two-time world champion said after the race. Alonso was one of the more pleasant surprises in qualifying for the Bahrain Grand Prix by entering the third round and finishing in the ninth qualifying time.

During the race, he also fought “out there somewhere,” on the edge of points, until a problem with the brakes arose. As it later turned out, caused by a sandwich wrapper stuck in the air intake to cool the rear brakes.

“Until giving up, it was a lot of fun to race. The start of the race, the first few laps, a fight with old colleagues on the track which I really enjoyed. But you have to be disappointed that you didn't see the flag at the end of the race, ”said the Alpine driver.

Alonso’s teammate Esteban Ocon finished the race on the Sakhir track in 13th place after having contact with Aston Martin Sebastian Vettel. The young Frenchman had disappointing qualifiers on Saturday in which, unlike Alonso, he failed to qualify for the second qualifying round.

We can say that this was a very disappointing weekend for the French team as they finished without points on the constructors ’account, as did the Alfa Romeo, Haas, and Williams teams.

Imola race

The next race is scheduled for three weeks, the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix on the legendary track in Imola.

Asked to comment on the next race, Alonso maintained a characteristically positive attitude. "I think we have a lot to fix. I think we are very close to the middle of the standings, a tenth of second changes a lot of positions, and it is up to us to adjust things as well as possible and be as good as possible every next race.

" Aware that the competition in Formula 1 is very good, Fernando Alonso concludes: "A small mistake can cost us many positions in the qualifiers, so this season will be very interesting, especially for those who will follow it."

Whether you like Alonso or not, we are sure that this season he will deliver on the track something he has always been the best at, and that is getting the most out of his car.